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    Yes I have posted several years ago on to get a first run using a tube and a filter screen

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    I've been using this one for four years on my analog Walmart AC unit, $10 on ebay. Works like a
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    @JohnT - I was on my own pity pot last night, sorry for not addressing your concerns directly.
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    @johnTMy parents divorced after 50 years of marriage - my mother decided to live with my
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    It is really hard when it is a close friend. You could put a price tag on it ? for a rental fee
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    Starting a winery.1) See if you can afford it: If you can afford it, do a market survey and
    write a business

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    I have absolutely no idea what that means. :? I know that I, unfortunately, won't be of much
    help in answering your questions. I wish I had some more

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    Grapes or fruit? Will your friend be looking to grow fruit (grapes) or buy it?she has atleast
    an acre of aronia berries - drinking wine on a healthy note -

  • Posted in thread: How to start a winery on 08-04-2017 at 01:17 PM
    I am helping a friend who wants to start their own winery in Illinois - I am looking for advice
    and costs and how long of a process this takes and most of all the mistakes that was made along
    the way ...

  • Posted in thread: Glass Beads For Topping on 08-03-2017 at 09:31 PM
    Head space eliminators? How does that work? Very is a link - - questions - please PM

May 23, 2014  •  02:08 AM

Thought it about time to tell you what I think of your AllinOneVaccum pump system and how I put it to use. Mostly for my winemaking I use it for transferring and degassing the wine, which it does quite admirably. Most of my wine batches are the one gallon variety since they are 'experimental' batches (mostly fruit and juices). I also bought the whole house filter system. Concerned about wine loss I also purchased a five inch filter housing and associated 5 micron filter. FilterFast part numbers are 158111 for the filter housing and EV910809 for the filter itself. I have experimented with putting tube in the larger (10 inch) filter. So far the best approach I have is using a 3/4" OD X 1/2" ID vinyl tubing in the 5 inch filter.

At this point in time, I have only transferred/degassed wine. Also, I filter my water. I live in the country and have a well. House filter is 20 microns on a water softener & system for removing Hydrogen Sulfide. When I filter the water for wine use I use the 10 inch filter with a 5 micron rating & charcoal.

I am very pleased with your pump system and would recommend it to anyone in this hobby.

Mike Watkins
July 19, 2015  •  01:43 PM
I wanted to write and say what a wonderful product that the All In One Wine Pump is,I have owned mine since 01-2013 and have worked it hard. Other than having to replace the vacuum release valve this pump has been trouble free,and customer service with Steve,the owner,is a pleasure to talk and work with. He has an interest in his customers and prompt service.This All In One Wine Pump has been the best investment i have made to my wine making.I just received and looking forward in using Steve's, newest product the Head Space Eliminator Bung which will help me out a great deal in aging my wine.

Thanks again Steve for your prompt service

November 21, 2015  •  04:03 AM
Double ratchet fruit and wine press steel base split wood basket with metal bands $225

Portuguese floor corker $50

Italian manual grape crusher destemer, stainless steel with red painted handle to hurt $225

Corks, airlocks, lots of miscellaneous stuff

5 gallon carboys glass $20.
06 gallon glass carboys $25

Anybody interested can give me a call I live in southern middle Tennessee south of Winchester my phone number is 931-308-0312
good stuff for sale
I don't know how to post pictures here. Give me your email and I can send them.
November 27, 2015  •  07:13 PM
Just a note to say I have been using the All In One Wine Pump for over 2 years. It has worked as advertised without a single problem. I am very pleased and would recommend it to everyone.Steves customer service is awesome,e-mail questions are answered promptly with a phonecall
November 27, 2015  •  07:29 PM
please copy and post this in this post
January 26, 2016  •  11:00 PM
hey Steve this is Richard, HOUNDDAWG ,here while back I ordered a few things from you, beings I was in and out the hospital so many times, my parts from you have come up missing, so here's the deal I'll be needing a invoice from you so I can reorder them things, every time I get on your site my computer crashes, as I already have a new commercial grade Bunn vacuum pump I'll be needing all hosing for racking back and fourth, the bottle filler , splash racking cane the vacuum attachment pieces to hook my pump to a jug a half gallon thumb hole jug,, to keep my pump from getting any liquid in it, the bottling things and any thing else I have forgotten, it'll be around the fifth before I can afford to order these tings, I do have new stain less steel racking canes 3/8, oh and I need a new filter housing with fittings to fit the lines, then a 2 an 1/2 by 10 inch filter housing . my number is
Richardd robins
349 Lawrence 204 Imboden, ar. 72434
Hey Steve here it is 2017, I,be grown to love your products even more, you sure make life worlds easier for a disabled person, not to mention by making it easier for me then that means you make my hob y/addiction even more enjoyable, I'll never be able to thank you enough for making my life easier and much more enjoyable, being disabled I have been forced to give up so very much, but you have enabled me to not only enjoy life you given me my pride back, Steve I'm forever in your dept,,
February 2, 2016  •  12:12 AM
I have been using the All In One Wine Pump for nearly 2 years now and I am really pleased on how well it works.
I have racked, and bottled approximately 60 cases of wine since owning it, and it has worked without any problems.
I am very pleased and would recommend it to everyone.
I must agree with others that Steve's customer service is the best, email questions are answered very promptly with a phone call.
February 18, 2017  •  05:30 AM
If Steve's wife would rent him out or sell him I'd take him,,, LOL