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  • Posted in thread: Oak cubes compared to % new oak on 08-10-2017 at 09:35 AM
    Make ten batches of wine and oak 2 of them. Blend all. Or 5/1 or similar ratio. I think that
    generally means that they purchase and incorporate 20% new barrels into their production each
    year then ble...

  • Posted in thread: New (to me) California Grape Supplier on 08-03-2017 at 02:12 PM
    I'm on their mailing list and they look legit!I would like ot order from them but I live in
    Nashville so looking for anyone that may like to order together in the area or driving

  • Posted in thread: Wiring up 220v destemmer to dryer plug in garage on 08-03-2017 at 09:26 AM
    Would not use a trafo as the neutral is a floating 0V center tap and not connected to gnd.
    Neutral btw in your house is also a floating 0V center tap on the trafo at the pole - tied to
    earth-gnd at yo...

  • Posted in thread: Who here ages their wine in lees? on 07-30-2017 at 04:47 AM
    So far - I have done all my chardonnays sur lie. I also did a pinot gris sur lie. I like it
    very much!Cheers,Johann

  • Posted in thread: REVIEW: Headspace Eliminator (All in One) on 07-27-2017 at 05:36 AM
    I use these on all my carboys. Keep the vacuum topped up every now and again. Has worked well
    so far!Cheers,Johann

  • Posted in thread: Brake bleeder not degassing my wine? on 07-25-2017 at 04:49 AM
    I have started degassing as soon as it's out of primary. A couple session with the vacuum pump
    up around 26" will foam it up nicely. Need to be very careful and a couple back to back
    rackings between ...

  • Posted in thread: Kit Blending on 07-19-2017 at 08:09 AM
    That sounds great and maybe for leftovers just bottle single varietals so you get three bottled
    wines. The singles are good too so it's certainly not a waste. Maybe pull back a little on the
    blended v...

  • Posted in thread: When is it time to bulk age? on 07-18-2017 at 05:29 AM
    Hi. I would degass as soon as you realistically can because co2 suspended in the wine will also
    keep sediment suspended. If you have vacuum capability then it's much easier to degas quickly.

  • Posted in thread: What's the last bottle of a batch worth? on 07-12-2017 at 11:23 AM
    yeah v.nice... What would you pay to have a bottle or two of wines you did 5-7 years ago?? $50
    ea.? $100 ea.?Less than $20?Cheers,johann

  • Posted in thread: Weber Performer grill.... on 07-11-2017 at 08:33 AM
    That looks great with a nice work surface and everything..... I've been an avid smokey joe fan
    for life and started slow cooking on that one now... I have a small gas/lava-rock grill which
    is great fo...