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Pecorino is an early-ripening white wine grape mainly grown in the Marche, Abruzzo, Umbria and Lazio regions of Italy. Native to Marche and Abruzzo, it is used in the Falerio dei Colli Ascolani and Offida DOC wines. The Pecorino grape is also known as Mosciolo, Arquitano, Vissanello, Pecorina and Arquatanella.

The Pecorino grape variety derived its name from the Italian word pecora, which means sheep. It is said that sheep particularly enjoyed eating the grapes while they were being driven out of the vineyards from pasture to pasture. It is low-yielding, but will ripen early and at high altitudes. Pecorino wines have a deep, rich, aromatic and nutty character.

The Pecorino grape was supposedly been brought back from the brink of extinction. It was one believed to be at the brink of total extinction. But, as luck would have it, it is said that some samples of Pecorino grapes were found growing wild in a narrow gorge in Italys Marche region. Cuttings were taken, and eventually identified as the Pecorino variety. A few local growers took the the samples and re-established the variety as a missing piece of the local viticultural quilt.

Interestingly, the wine and grape have the same name: Pecorino. Grown mainly in the east-central Italian regions of Abruzzo and the neighboring Marches, the Pecorino wine is a pretty surprise for the amateur. It is a favorite wine during summer, because it is light, clean, and crispy to beat back the heat.

In the glass, Pecorino wine is quite full bodied, moderately acidity. On the nose and the palate, there are flavours and aromas of yellow fruits, spices like ginger and white pepper, and nuts. It leaves a long, full mineral-rich mouth. Because of these characteristics, Pecorino wines are best paired with Asian cuisine, grilled fowls, rich salads, seafoods, risotto, grilled cheese.


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    Pros: Pecorino Wine

    Cons: own

    Recommended? Yes

    Pecorino is the sparkling and organic
    white wine from Italy, made not using Charmat method. The ground, the
    environment, the green culture, gives it unique
    features. Pecorino is grape variety born in Arquata del Tronto, in
    Ascoli Piceno province in the central Italy. It is a very old wine,
    Benedictine research, 800 years ago, produced it for
    religius. Theitalian name
    Pecorino, for the wine, not meaning english name sheep, but its name is
    direct link between the Pecorino cheese and Pecorino
    wine, the spicy of the cheese was likely of the sparkling of the
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