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One of the most popular wines from Peloponnese, Greece is the Moschofilero. It is a grape variety which has pink skin and is the major ingredient in mixing AOC: Mantinia blend for Martinia. With reference to the clear juice that this grape variety exudes, the wine made from the Moschofilero is typically called as Blanc de Gris. The wine produced from this grape variety, Moschofilero, is very light in color. The color resembles translucent to pale yellow range, with a bit of silver and gray.

The Moschofilero is a popular aromatic grape variety which is most of the time comparable to the Muscat and Alsatian Traminer. The wine commonly presents a variety of floral rose and violet aromas with very crisp and often times spicy after taste.

It is most ideal to grown Moschofilero at very high altitudes like the Mantinia plateau. In these types of climates, the alcohol produced by the fruit is very low while the level of acidity is higher. Most sparkling wines, on the other hand, are produced in lower altitudes. During the Middle Age, Moschofilero is a primary component for the development trade of the Malvasia.

Most wine experts say that there is no single Moschofilero, but there have been many modifications to the Fileri grape family that the Peloponnesian Moschofilero are the medium-berry types and are very sensitive to various elements particularly rain. The Moschofilero ripens at a later stage and produces good yield.

This vigorous grape variety is also known for the names Mavrofilero, Fileri Tripoleos, Fileri Trigoleos and Phileri Tripoleos.

This wine can be best served with Greek fish soup, psarosoupa, Asian fresh spring rolls or the nem cuon and the African dish, Falfel with tabbouleh or parsley salad.

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