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The Grenache Gris is a mutation of the Grenache grape variety and comes out in pinkish grey shade for its skin color. It has grown in limited numbers within the southern parts of France. There were only a minimal number of research done about its history which makes its variety a bit too obscure than the others. It is seen usually in vineyards where Grenache vines are also grown. It is also usually blended into other wines.

It shares the same characteristics with its own members in the family. Like the Grenache and the Grenache Blanc, this variety is fairly vigorous and can withstand any kind of drought. It also likes staying under environments that are all too dry and warm.

The wines made from this variety create something rare and can satisfy the indulgence of any wine fan and expert. Through time, it has only earned minimum commercial success and it has not been produced much. The wines that the grape variety produces come up with aromas similar to the stone fruit and the apricot. This goes the same with its effect on your palate. It is in this way that you can also compare it with the Viognier, but just without the lavender notes which make it so unique.

It is popularly blended with the white Southern Rhone wines plus the cross between the Grenache Gris and the Grenache Blanc. You can eat it with some crab cakes, snails, smoked eel and even bean curds that are stuffed with pork.

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