Feteasca Neagra

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The beautiful Feteasca Neagra is a succulent variety of red grape which creates some of the finest wine in the whole of Romania. The deep and dark skin of the ruby tinged berries of the Feteasca Neagra has indeed allowed this grape variety to be dubbed The Black Maiden.

The Feteasca Negra can trace its origins back to the wonderful country of Romania. To date, it is grown in several areas of Romania including Moldova, Muntenia, Banat, Oltenia, as well as Dobrogea.

Most usually, the wines produced by this succulent grape variety are noted for having a rich flavor which can be described as very like that of the black currant. Aside from this, these wines also give off a lovely, rich aroma which smells distinctively similar to raisins, prunes, and even cinnamon. This almost fruity flavor, as well as the richness it has, lends itself to the rich, deep, and intensely smooth wines that this red grape can produce.

The wines created using the Feteasca Neagra range from drier varieties, to semi dry, and all the way to sweeter varieties. The Feteasca Neagra can produce wines with spicier notes akin to the famous Pinot Noir, yet it also can produce wines that have an almost fruity body like that of most white wines. Most usually, the alcohol content in Feteasca Neagra wines range from 12% to 14%.

The high end and very elegant wines created using Feteasca Neagra grapes are also well known to be ones which definitely get better and better as they are aged. Given the marvelous body and flavor of these wines, they are best paired with succulent meat dishes, either grilled or roasted, as well as mushrooms and smoked cheeses. It is also wonderful to pair with lean and mildly flavored meats such as veal and pork as well.

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