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Domina is a grape variety that originated in Palatinate, Germany and is used to produce red wine. The Domina grape has a dark-colored skin. Though it may lack in finesse, the Domina grape variety makes up for it with its rich color, full body, adequate tannins and consistent yield. This actually works for the berries advantage as they can withstand harsh vineyard conditions. The Domina grape ripens much later than its parent grasp.

The Domina grape is a result of the cross breeding of the grape varieties Pinot Noir and Blauer Portugieser. This crossing was done by Peter Morio, a German viticulturalist at the Geilweilerhof Institute for Grape Breeding in 1927. As of 2006, almost four hundred hectares of vineyards have the Domina grape variety planted over them.

The plantings of Domina vines have been increasing because of its simplicity and reliability. Although it is often used as a blending grape, varietal Domina wines are become more popular. The Domina wine offers dark fruit flavors and some smokiness. It possesses a hint of blackberry and blue berry.

Because of the characteristics of the Domina grape, it is usually paired and match meat dishes. In Europe, the Domina wine is often paired with Fasan or roasted pheasant. In the United States, the wine is usually paired with tacos which are slow-roasted and marinated sulking pig. I would also the person to deliver it on the rough da. The Domina wine can also be paired with specific cheeses and is best if served when it chills.


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