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The Black Corinth comes in many names like the Zante Currant but more popular for the term Champagne grape. It is an ancient type that is researched to be of the Greek origin. Even if its main results are in black, there are also some which come in red and white. The latter two are just less ordinary than the black type. This is considered one of the tiniest berries in the category of seedless grapes. Hence, growers must spray it regularly and even have its vines girdled so that all its berries would grow even.

When the Black Corinth is left without any kind of special treatment, its berries normally just appear in a pinhead size. Another reason why it should be taken care of is that this grape variety is very prone to being affected by mildew that is the powdery type. Such grapes are usually used for wine making in Frances Champagne region. The usual producers choose from the Chardonnay type or the black grapes of Pinot Noir. There are others who use the Petit Meslier or the Pinot Blanc. After this grape variety has been dried up, they are sold as currants but should not be deemed the same as the true ones.

In some cookbooks in the past, you may see several references to the Corinth raisins which only means dried Champagne grapes. This grape type is very sweet and burst with a lot of flavor. In the visual sense, it is also highly appealing especially with its small clusters. You can get to see them vastly in the US food service industry especially used also as a table decoration. They can also serve as ideal snacks due to its being seedless and sweet. When searching through numerous Black Corinth grapes, you must choose the darkest ones because this is an indication that it is already way too sweet and ripe. Once picked, it is recommended that they should be eaten the soonest. It should have a taut skin but its bodies tough and hard. It is with this variety that you would know wrinkles on its skin are not a good sign.

This grape variety is in high season during the later part of spring and up to early fall. These grapes are also used as garnishing for other champagne flutes, trays of cheese and on some other common desserts that you would usually see in cocktail parties. It is generally celebrated as one popular table grape. It is also perfect to be used for pastries like cakes and muffins. You can also add them in yogurt or cereals. Some cook them and jellies them down or even create great sauces out of them for perfect food matches. They are perfect to be paired with any dish that has lamb or pork as the main ingredient.

All of these just show how variant and versatile the Black Corinth grapes are. No wonder, they make a very tasty and sweet little wine for any wine lover or fanatic.


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