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I'd say that one would be dancing with the devil if they were not paying attention to detail. Check and double check your priming sugar addition and do a quick scan of your bottles before use. I've yet to make a sparkling wine, but have safely made hundreds of bottles of beer with no issues. That said, if I ever do make my own soda, I'd probably keg it.

I am slowly acquiring a champagne bottle collection and have designs to try it at some point, although the process to make a sweet champagne does indeed look very involved. I'll save that for when things are a little less hectic around these parts. Dry champagne looks essentially the same as beer bottling though. If I had thought enough about it, I would have pulled off a gallon of my rose before adding the fpac and tried it out.

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Originally Posted by LukeM View Post
Ok, I have some more questions. How do you know when to bottle the wine? How clear will strawberry wine get?
Really , you should not think about bottling a wine until it is so clear that you can read a newspaper when placed at the other side of the carboy. Wines should be as clear as glass. Of course, some wines are too dark, too red, to read through but those wines are still bright and clear. If you shone a laser light through the carboy the light coming through the other side would still be as focused and concentrated as the light was when it entered the carboy - there being no particles suspended in the liquid to scatter the light.

One cause of particles making your wine less than clear are the yeast cells and fruit particulates suspended in the liquid and one cause of those particulates being suspended is the CO2 that is still in the wine. Over time , or through mechanical processes (whipping the O2 out, pulling a vacuum through the wine) the CO2 will leave the wine and all the particles will fall out and drop to the bottom leaving your wine bright and clear.

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