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Smaller (ie: 23 liter) barrels are just fine, from my experience. The trick is to make sure you have a few batches lined up when starting with a new one. Your first batch will only be in 3-5 weeks before you will likely achieve your desired oak levels. 2nd batch 6-8, third batch maybe 10+ weeks or more. By the time you've run 3 or 4 batches through, you can let a wine sit in there for 3-4 months without overoaking. I've never heard about needing a large barrel for 'proper' micro-ox, so I can't speak to that (other than I feel I've gotten good results with mine). But I can say that a 23 liter barrel is beneficial and completely manageable if you plan ahead for it's arrival.

I have 3, 23 liter Vadai barrels and am very happy that I do.


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As a "small" barrel user (have four 6 gallons and two 12 gallons), I can agree that, in the early stages, they aren't as productive as the later stages. In a 6, you can typically get all of the oak you need in about a month and therefore don't take advantage of all of the microx that you could. Second wine for two months, a little better. Third for three, better yet. Now that some of the barrels have reached the age that wine can sit for six months, much more benefit. In fact, in tasting, even the wines that get only a short sit are improved. Not to say that you can't do that with a flex and staves........

While the 50-60 gallon size is probably the "holy grail" where you can leave wines in new and once used barrels for a year or two, the practicality of producing that quantity of wine to fill one of those, at least for me, in my current home wine making situation, is impractical.

It may very well be that one day my production will change to a couple of big batches per year and use the big boy barrels, but thus far, have been very satisfied with the level of investment and return delivered by the small barrels, but hey, I'm just one dude with little barrels, YMMV..............

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Not that we are wealthy but I would gladly pay the 15gal price for a 5 gal flexi tank! We are small and do not have the room to have 15gal batches or barrel(s) to hold that much, but desire the effects of the micro ox that everyone talks about. Also the less maintenance than a barrel is attractive too and we live in Texas the land of no basements for our wine production!!


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I have all sizes... None leak and small need to be broken in before they can work hard for you... But I think 15 and 30 is the perfect size for home use.

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