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Originally Posted by cpedroson View Post
Now, this is interesting... I did some digging and found people using 1/2 or 3/4 a cup (6oz) of priming sugar per 5 gallon batch did not get a the desired fizzy result. In fact, they only achieved a 2-2.5 volumes of CO2, which is suitable for beer. Sparkling wine is typically carbonated to 6 volumes of CO2.

Based on the calculator, I should be adding almost 2.5 cups of Corn Sugar (dextrose) for my 6 gallon to achieve Champagne level carbonation. I may drop to 2 cups to be safe. That said, I have sparkling wine bottles, with plastic crown corks and wire tops ready to go. I do want to achieve the desired level of bubbly, but without exploding any bottles.

2.5 cups is a LOT of sugar. Is the original yeast from the primary fermenter still active/healthy enough to convert 2 (or 2.5) cups of sugar in to the desired volume of C02 per bottle without altering the flavor of the wine?
I'm not completely sure about the yeast, but I would think most wine yeast would be able to handle it, as long as they weren't stressed during the primary fermentation. I don't know if it will alter the flavor, but I would lean towards not. It essentially sounds like a very late step feeding addition. You'll get a small bump in ABV, but likely not a lot of other changes.

2.5 cups sounds like a lot if you're coming from a beer background, but I've added up to 3 lbs of sugar to a mist kit before. Others have done even more.

As a brewer, you're likely well aware, but that much sugar will likely leave a fair amount of sediment after carbing, so be careful when pouring. If you store them on their sides while aging, you might kick that back up when handling them. It might make sense to very carefully stand them up a week or more before you plan to open them to allow everything to settle back down to the bottom of the bottle.

Take all of this with a grain of salt as I've never done this first hand. I'm just combining my beer and wine experience and applying it to this situation. I've considered doing this myself and am interested in hearing how it turns out.

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okay I checked my notes from someone who is more a chemist than I am, but some details above are correct. 3/4 cup(146grams) is the usual dose for 5 gallons of home brew beer. this is based on the fact that 15.2 grams/gallon of sugar will produce 1 volume of CO2
a beer bottle will hold 3 volumes,a champagne bottle will hold 7 volumes. so if you choose to use beer bottles that corn sugar of 29.2 grams/gallon produces 1.9 volume of CO2
and 36.8 grams/gallon will produce 2.4 volumes for champagne bottles. boil the corn sugar in 1.5.cups of water for 5 gallons.
store bottle up right for about 30 days at room temp. chill in refrig before opening . yeast residue will be in bottom of bottle.

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