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Originally Posted by ibglowin View Post
So for the life of me I can't figure out why anyone needs this contraption! LOL

I am a firm believer in the KISS method and I just don't see where you need this for any reason. I use a 2 gallon bucket (food grade Midwest Supplies or similar). Scoop out a gallon or so of the cap out of a 20G Brute which has 10G of must, and then dump it in a gallon at a time right into the top of the press. The press has no paint strainer bag, nothing but wooden slats. Scoop a gallon, dump, rinse, repeat until you can pick up the Brute by hand and then dump the rest into the Press. Let it drain into the catch pan and then into your waiting bucket. I use a 6 gallon (food grade) bucket that a Mosti Mondial AJ kit came in with a nice snap-on lid. I get almost 6 gallons of free run. Then a gallon of press run that goes into separate gallon glass jug.

If a few skins or a few seeds get through the slats, no worries. This is step one in the clearing process. Those will float to the top and you can scoop them out in the next day easily with a spoon or similar. Once the 6 gallon bucket is full I use a racking cane to transfer that into a carboy via gravity feed. Sometimes the cane can get plugged with skins but if it does pull it out whack it against the side to clean and restart the flow.

I can do an entire press and transfer from Brute to carboy in 30-40 mins all by myself. I use the Harbor Freight dollies to move the Brutes and full carboys around from the winery to the outside patio and then back into the winery.

This simple set up works quite well for me. YMMV
I pretty much do the same, everything goes into the press with no bags except for the bunch of seeds on the bottom (some do get transferred but scooped out later). When done I let it sit for a day or so, and then one final racking so I can start MLF.

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Sorry I know I was late to the party on this thread. Somehow I missed it......

As for old timer no no's they mostly didn't use sulfites, control headspace, oxidation, look at pH's, TA things back then they really couldn't do as the tools were out of reach or didn't exist even.

Originally Posted by Ajmassa5983 View Post
If you read my original 2 posts starting this thread I was asking 2 specific questions.
The first was essentially describing the same system that you do, and asking if that is ok.
The 2nd was asking if there was some other system I was unaware of to be able to pump without picking up solids.

I was originally inclined to put everything through the press and let the free run pass through because that was how my family did it years ago. But I've also learned that many of their practices are huge no-no's and I had many bad habits.
That is how this whole thread started.

Also, thank you for unknowingly answering my original question 70 posts ago.

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Originally Posted by ibglowin View Post
Sorry I know I was late to the party on this thread. Somehow I missed it......

As for old timer no no's they mostly didn't use sulfites, control headspace, oxidation, look at pH's, TA things back then they really couldn't do as the tools were out of reach or didn't exist even.

I didn't think you would have seen it- this thread was from back in May.

You couldn't be more correct about old style.

Only differences in how we pressed were:
-didn't separate the free run
-didn't siphon to glass~just poured through an old metal funnel w/ a built in screen and cheesecloth

I still like the pvc pipe strainer idea too tho. It's very clever. And good to have options. My dad just saw it and asked what it was. He was pretty impressed at the idea. Mainly because he thinks the vacuum pump is cool as hell and likes using it now.

Thanks for all your posts and help today. Much appreciated
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I did as you for my first couple presses. Everything went through the press.

Now, I use the PVC 'filter'. It slips right through the cap and I can begin pulling the free run out by vacuum. When that starts getting close to done, then its time to start scooping the cap into the press. Pressing goes pretty quickly - probably on the same schedule as @ibglowin . Using this method, I get 3 lugs into my press fairly easily. Couldn't do 4, but 3 is not an issue. Not faster, probably not better - just different. For me, it's a little less sloppy. YMMV


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I have some left over pvc pipe (made two last season) if anyone wants a strainer for themselves.
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